Index Unbuttoned Music Toronto band Unbuttoned needed a versatile site that could handle a range of media types while still being easy to update and manage. The custom Wordpress template I created for them incorporates full-width backgrounds, persistent slide-based navigation, audio integration and twitter embedding. Launch Site &
Index Theatre Passe Muraille Theate Passe Muraille required an easy to update, responsive custom Wordpress theme. By simplifying the publishing process for blog entries and media, I was able to create a website that showcased their new visual look. Integrated events calendars, SEO analytics and a customized Twitter feed all help market their productions and connect with clients. Launch Site &
Index Badlands Paintball Wholesaler and retailer Badlands Paintball recently upgraded to a enterprise-level all-in-one e-commerce platform, and required heavy styling and theme modifications to get the site launch ready. Facebook integration, seasonal styling, content carousels and custom sub pages have all been added to personalize the site and create a better user interface for customers. Launch Site &
Index CMG Freelance The Canadian Media Guild needed a new hub for it's Freelancers, and I worked with them to devlop and design this responsive site. Mixing both static information and dynamic pages together, it's also a home to a freelancer database, a calendar and has built-in twitter feeds. Visit Site &
Index Badlands Paintball From in-store flyers to custom-laser-engraved paintball markers, working with Badlands has been an opportunity to test my versatility and adaptability as a designer. Graphics, Photography and Illustrations for print and online, created using Photoshop, Illustrator and mixed media. View Gallery &
Index NIA My work with NIA Centre for the Arts has been a great opportunity to assist a non-profit to expand and enhance their ability to communicate. Having worked with several of their sister organizations as well as their promising young artists has been a rewarding and enriching experience. View Gallery &
Index Sindbad Freelancing with Sindbad was a chance to challenge both my product photography skills as well as improve the brand presence of a local Toronto wholesaler. View Gallery &
Index Personal In my spare time I've always enjoyed drawing, painting and illustration. Since I've always had a strong background in the digital arts, I've found it a fun challenge to mix and match styles together in different media. Most of my digital artwork is created in Illustrator, Photoshop and Painter. View Gallery &
D Flexible Content Sliders using AnythingSlider C Resizable text with Jquery Fittext VCSS3 animations with Prefix-free EVideo backgrounds using Videobackground.js
Design is my passion, and I believe the right way to do it is by hand-crafting everything I make and taking pride in what I create. This approach means I always push myself a little further with each creation, and that my skill set is constantly evolving.

These are some of the tools and technologies I use when I'm designing.
S CSS Pre-Processing with LESS A Galleries using Shadowbox.JS G CMS using Wordpress FIcon Fonts using FontSquirrel and Icomoon
Index About Hello! My name is Julian Apong, and I'm a Web Developer / Graphic Designer serving Toronto and the internet at large. I create versatile, adaptive and standards-compliant websites, and I have over a decade of graphic design experience. Feel free to check out my work, and don't hesitate to contact me!
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